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yummy-supper-cover-300Gluten-Free is the New Normal
CHOW, August 26, 2014

It’s been a year of seesawing fortunes for the gluten-free movement. It’s endured rolled eyes and snark, but it’s also earned respect.  MORE »

monsantoheroMonsanto Woos Mommy Bloggers

Modern Farmer, September 18, 2014

The widely reviled corporation wants to reshape its reputation from Big Ag behemoth to sustainable farming company by courting new fans, including online food, farming, and family types.  MORE »

EEB36-30-e1401575411408Behind the Boom
Edible East Bay, Summer 2014

Oakland’s new wave of restaurants didn’t just pop up from nowhere. An exploration of the financial forces and economic incentives fueling the city’s culinary expansion.  MORE »



The Tipping Point
Edible San Francisco, Summer, 2014

Restaurant workers want a minimum wage raise but some restaurant owners aren’t certain they can absorb the cost. A deep dive into a complex topic.  MORE »


Hog-Island-Oyster-Leases.-Photo-Courtesy-Hog-Island-Oyster-Co-e1410304559847-680x376Oyster Farm Fights Climate Change as Demand Soars
Civil Eats, September 10, 2014

Oysters are big business. Climate change challenges, including ocean acidification, threatens the environment and farmers’ livelihoods. MORE »’