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_CJM15621424214665-kzSC--650x650Cracking the code: Can this company do better than the egg?
Washington Post, March 2, 2015

Hampton Creek, a San Francisco-based startup develops plant-based substitutes for eggs. Big food providers and manufacturers are paying attention.  MORE »

borchLeaning in toward the last supper

Lucky Peach, May 13, 2015

Reflections on cooking for my child for 16 years and counting. And on not always knowing when you’re having a last supper.  MORE »

1024x1024Prepped meal kits: All you do is cook
San Francisco Chronicle, March 27, 2015

Taste testing new food kits designed for busy home cooks who want to get a meal on the table. Can these news businesses lure more people into the kitchen?  MORE »

ediblesf-spring2015-bar-tartine-coverRaising the bar
Edible San Francisco, Spring, 2015

The culinary couple at Bar Tartine take old-time preservation to new heights.  Meet San Francisco’s reigning king and queen of funky fermentation. MORE »

photo-22-680x453Stephen Satterfield: Bridging the food movement and culinary worlds
Civil Eats, March 31, 2015

Sometimes it takes a newcomer to a neighborhood to create change. An Atlanta transplant finds community in tending a San Francisco high school garden. MORE »